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Training Highlights

We are specialized for AED ( Automated External Defibrillator) training.
We conduct In house and at work station training for learning hands on skills with theory of CPR and AED.

The training is conducted by an audiovisual method with the help of unique international , Indian and a special films made by Lifeline, Which proved to be the best way of learning.
The training program delivers an updated information with latest practical techniques.
Enough time is spend on practical skills like bandaging, lifting and shifting patients, recovery position, basic assessments of a casualty and CPR (cardio pulmonary resuscitation). With Hands- On training practise on Mannikins, for learning CPR skills, the participants get lot of confidence and are highly motivated to save a life. CPR which is required to start in just 4 minutes, if the casualty is not breathing or having no pulse as in case of heart attacks, electric shock, or gas poisoning is a MANDATORY PRACTICAL for all participants.
For refresher course customized scenario cards with specific emergencies are given to the participants to enhance their practical skills.
The courses are designed to fit in the working day. It gives you the full satisfaction and knowing your employees are safe as they are
thou roughly trained to handle any emergency situation.
For better communication and understanding of subject the course material is available in three languages Hindi/ English/ Marathi
At the end of training session all candidates are awarded certificates from Lifeline Institute.
All the Directors are internationally qualified teachers.

A team of well qualified Doctors, First-aid Instructors & Assistants at your service to provide you the following training:-

Industrial training
These programs are conducted in the Factory premises only. The course modules can be selected as per the factory requirements. At the end all candidates are rewarded by the Life line / DISH certificates.  The program can be conducted any where in India and abroad. For further details like dates, availability and fees contact on the this email:- lifethane@gmail.com

In-house training
We conduct in-house programmes at our institute for interested candidates in groups. To know more, contact us via email or on cell phone.

Social training programs
Dr. Mhaskar is an active member of Rotary club. He participates in social programmes organized by schools, colleges, Leisure centers and government organized disaster management groups as a corporate social responsibility.

» We also conduct 2 hours awareness programmes for CHS, Senior Citizen Clubs, Schools, Banks etc.
» One day training programme for schools, Banks etc. where certificates will be awarded through Lifeline Institute.
» Half day training programme for CPR
» Custom built training programme for corporate houses.
About our Curriculum

It is our endeavour to design course to your risk assessment and needs.

1) One Day Module.( Power Pack)
     Duration: 8 hrs
     Useful for learning the Basics of First aid and Basic Life support techniques with hands on Training and for refresher candidates.

2) Two Day Module.( Comprehensive Training program)

     Duration: 14 hrs
     An extensive program useful to form a core team of first aiders.

3) Three Days Intensive :
     Duration : 9hrs

4) Recurring training-( Intensive training program)
    Useful for building a very reliable Core team which will act decisively in case of a major event. We strongly recommend this module
    where you really have a value for a life.
Syllabus For One Day Program
Duration : 8 hrs
Theory Practical
Introduction to First aid Recovery
Unconsciousness How to examine a serious casualty.
Examination of a serious casualty Different methods of handling a casualty.
Head Injury Stretcher drill
Fall from height, Different types of bandaging by using triangular and roller bandage.
Burns, CPR practical on imported mannequins.
Snake Bite,  
Different types of injuries,  
Crush Syndrome.  
Syllabus For Two Days Program
Duration : 14 hrs
Theory Practical
Introduction to First aid  Recovery
Unconsciousness How to examine a serious casualty.
Examination of a serious casualty Different methods of handling a casualty.
Head Injury Stretcher drill
Fall from height, Different types of bandaging by using triangular and roller bandage.
Burns- thermal, electrical and chemical Mouth to mouth breathing technique on mannequins.
Drowning, Removing Airway obstruction
Snake Bite, Fireman’s Crawl and lift
Different types of injuries, CPR practical on imported mannequins.
Crush Syndrome.  
Main causes of death  
Heart Attack  

Dear Dr,,Mhaskar, The First Aid training given by you to our research scientist, has been extremely beneficial to the participants. The training has taught them to handle medical emergencies with cool mind and scientific approach.

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